Prolite is the name professionals turn to when it comes to providing their horses’ backs and legs with protection and cushioning. The range of saddle pads, brushing boots and of course the famous Prolite girth offers the ultimate performance, thanks to Prolite’s proven ability to:

  • absorb impact from strikes and blows or rider movement
  • disperse pressure points over a wider area and reduce peak pressures by a minimum of 25%
  • absorb lateral movement remaining still against the skin

This flexible, cushioning layer protects the horse’s back during the most rigorous activity and maximises comfort for the horse. A problem solver and a preventative measure, Prolite® has a place on every busy yard.

The Prolite Girth (produced under licence from Fairfax Saddles) has been scientifically proven to increase front leg extension, greatly reduce pressure and increase hock flexion. The high-tech fabric covering has properties that keep it cool, dry and breathable. It is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Developed, tested and endorsed by professionals, Prolite products are the intelligent answer to the demands of equestrian sports today.