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Latest News & Updates at RB Equestrian

Opening Hours: Saturday 29 September: 9.30 am to 5.30pm Sunday 30 September:  10am to 4pm Parking The arena will be open for people to park on. This means you can park much closer to the store than before. What’s on Sale: We will have lots of end.... More

All you need to know about RB Equestrian’s Autumn in store sale: 29 & 30 September 2018

RB Equestrian

21/09/2018 09:57:45

   We’re having a clear-out to make way for lots of new exciting products arriving this autumn. Join us from 9.30am on Saturday 4th August 2018 for some amazing savings on some premium products including KEP hats, long leather boots, show jackets and saddles. With reductions of up to 70% - we’ve.... More

Clearance Specials from 4 August 2018

RB Equestrian

31/07/2018 17:46:05

Willa Newton is one of the most talented young riders in eventing and is working hard towards her goal of representing Great Britain in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. But she wasn't too busy to share with us some of her top tips and answer some of our questions. 1.    How do you control.... More

Willa Newton, international eventer, shares some of her tips

RB Equestrian

12/07/2018 12:16:49

   We are very sorry we have had to cancel this event. We hope to be able to do another event in due course to support the Brooke Charity. 

Cancelled RB Equestrian Spring Talks 2018 with Buckingham Equine Vets on 26 June 2018

RB Equestrian

22/06/2018 16:04:00

28 April 2018 to 6 May 2018 is BETA Safety Week and it’s a great opportunity to give your equipment the once-over! Join us in-store for the following offers and events: FREE fitting check Bring your existing hat and/or body protector into store and we’ll check the fit, check the standards and enter you into.... More

We’re supporting BETA Safety Week!

RB Equestrian

23/04/2018 16:08:31

All you need to know about our Spring Sale 2018 Opening Hours: Saturday 24 March 9.30 am to 5.30pm Sunday 25 March 10am to 4pm What’s on Sale: We will have lots of end of line ‘Clearance Bargains’ which will clearly be labelled with.... More

RB Equestrian Spring Sale 24 & 25 March

RB Equestrian

12/03/2018 14:25:53

What about your Mum? Was it her who plonked you on your first pony or carried on riding until two weeks before her due date? Or maybe she doesn’t understand where your love of horses comes from.  She thinks you’re bonkers dashing off after every Christmas lunch to ‘do the horses’ as she’s settling down with a big box of.... More

Horsey Mums

RB Equestrian

09/03/2018 14:32:00

There are thousands and thousands of quotes about love – some are inspiring, some are bittersweet and some are simply way too schmaltzy.  My favourite is this one from Mother Teresa: ‘spread love everywhere you go. Let no-one ever come to you without leaving happier’   And (slightly turned on its head) this is how I feel.... More

A very horsey Valentine’s…..

RB Equestrian

08/02/2018 15:51:21

Headcollars and lead ropes – essential everyday items that can be used to add a little fun or colour to your routine.  And you’ve probably got more than one! Maybe you’ve got a super smart set for shows or a headcollar that’s perfect when you’re clipping (undoable at the nose and under the chin would be our top-tip!).  Perhaps.... More

Why we love Headcollars and Leadropes!

RB Equestrian

31/01/2018 12:33:13

As of 1st January 2018 body protectors labelled with the BETA 2000 standard will no longer be accepted by: The Pony Club, British Eventing and British Riding Clubs What we say about this at RB Equestrian: -    if your body protector is labelled 2000 then it is OLD!  Regardless of whether you are competing.... More

Body Protectors in 2018 - important news

RB Equestrian

31/12/2017 08:19:46

We’re so excited about the changes that are taking place at RB Equestrian over the next week and hope you’ll like our revamped store. It’s been a long time in the planning, and caused some sleepless nights along the way, but at long last we’ve finally got to the ‘doing’ stage.  Paintbrushes and drills are at the.... More

Grand Store Re-opening–28 & 29 October 2017

RB Equestrian

17/10/2017 13:32:57

‘High vis’ – two words that cause many riders to shudder, so unflattering to wear, or is it? Thanks to many great campaigns from the BHS, some very stylish new clothing ranges and support from the likes of Charlotte Dujardin and Lee Pearson,  high-vis has become fashionable as well as being an essential item to wear. .... More

Be safe – be seen

RB Equestrian

10/10/2017 09:34:19

We have a number of clearance saddles that will be on sale – in-store only – from 9.30am on Saturday 30th September.  A great chance to grab yourself an absolute bargain! Please note: 1. these saddles are sold as seen; 2. unless stated these saddles are new but.... More

Super Sale Saddle Bargains!

RB Equestrian

27/09/2017 09:43:00

Prolite – a brand that has been around on the equestrian market for quite some time, one that often gets overlooked – everyone has heard of it, but what does it actually do?   Prolite’s products have a ‘3-in-1 Protection System’ predominantly functioning as a cushioning layer which helps act as an injury preventative, enhancing comfort for.... More

Prolite products – how do they work?

RB Equestrian

28/08/2017 15:04:16

How does magnetic, ionic and ceramic technology actually work and why should you give it a go with your horses? With continuous advances in technology the equestrian world is rapidly transforming. With so many new technologies available though, how do we know what to pick? Magnetic therapy Magnetic therapy has been on the equestrian.... More

Technology in Horse Clothing

RB Equestrian

09/08/2017 13:05:21

Tack cleaning can be one of our least favourite yard tasks, but along with the brilliant cost and weight savings that come with the Thorowgood saddles, the arduous task of tack cleaning becomes much simpler. And to make it a little more pleasant, grab a nice cup of tea and put on some good music before starting. .... More

How to clean your Thorowgood Saddle

RB Equestrian

28/07/2017 12:17:06

Whether it be after a long day in the office, a busy day at home or the need for a shoulder to laugh, or cry on, many horse owners know no better feeling than to spend time with their much-loved equine. A sense of responsibility and respect like no other, one of.... More

Supporting Ride High

RB Equestrian

21/07/2017 20:35:22

We are delighted that for the third year we are running a series of free evening talks with Buckingham Equine Vets. Once again the last talk on gait analysis and saddle fitting was really popular. Members of the audience were able to get advice and have their questions on these topics answered.  Why not join.... More

27 June 2017 FREE evening talk at RB Equestrian with Buckingham Equine Vets

RB Equestrian

05/06/2017 15:50:36

We’re having a clear-out to make way for some exciting new footwear coming soon. Join us on Saturday 3rd June and Sunday 4th June 2017 for some amazing savings on a selection of our long leather riding boots. With reductions of up to 70% - we’ve got over 150 pairs of boots that have to go! .... More

Boot Bonanza at RB Equestrian – 3 & 4 June 2017

RB Equestrian

30/05/2017 15:39:30

RB Equestrian is looking for a new member of staff. Do you want to join our successful team? Then read on to see what we are looking for and how to apply. .... More

Come and join the team at RB Equestrian

RB Equestrian

25/05/2017 14:45:20

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