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RB Equestrian Blog on 09/03/2018 14:32:00

What about your Mum? Was it her who plonked you on your first pony or carried on riding until two weeks before her due date? Or maybe she doesn’t understand where your love of horses comes from.  She thinks you’re bonkers dashing off after every Christmas lunch to ‘do the horses’ as she’s settling down with a big box of chocolates and a glass of wine (or a big glass of wine and a box of chocolates!).  Or perhaps you don’t know at all – life can be complicated like that.

My mum (Rosslyn) is the perfect horsey mum (but of course I’m biased).  Supportive, enthusiastic and utterly reliable I  know I couldn’t have ‘done’ horses if she’d not done them with me (or for me!).  Having said that - she didn’t always get it quite right.  One day in the woods, after being careered off for the 100th time by my beautiful (hooligan) pony Charlie, she told me to stop letting him get away with it and swap with her.  She got on, he promptly put his head between his legs, and they both shot off straight towards an enormous tree.  Needless to say there were no ‘letting him get away with it’ conversations on the way home – with her safely back on board the impeccably behaved thoroughbred and me on the 13.2hh tearaway.

So what will you be doing this Mothering Sunday?  Perhaps you’re cooking a slap-up lunch or maybe you’re spending some quality time together (albeit poo-picking, or clipping, or scrubbing the rubber mats)?  Whatever you’re doing have a great one and why don’t you tell us your ‘Mum and horses’ stories – we’d love to hear them.

Mothers Day at RB Equestrian

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