• Worldwide Delivery

    We offer free delivery for orders over £50 within much of Great Britain. All orders within most of Great Britain that are £50 and under are charged at £5.99. Provided the goods you have ordered are in stock we aim to dispatch them within two working days. Occasionally this may be longer if we require security authorisation from your payment provider or at particularly busy times.

    If there is a delay in dispatching your order we will contact you, by email, as soon as reasonably practicable.

    Except in cases where such a method is unavailable we send all of your orders using an express service. While we cannot guarantee delivery with a certain period of time, typically deliveries to the UK take 2 working days.  USA, Canada and mainland Europe take 3 to 4 working days. Deliveries to Australia and New Zealand typically take 5 to 7 working days.

    You will be required to sign for your delivery on arrival. Our freight forwarders typically deliver between 9am and 6pm so you may wish to have your products delivered to your place of work if you are not usually at home during those times.

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  • The RB Equestrian Story

    We're one of the biggest saddleries in the UK with over 10,000sq. ft. of shop floor, but also, we think, one of the friendliest.  A true family business we've been trading since 1989 and we've got a great reputation for service. We've won the national BETA/SEIB Retailer of the Year Award an unprecedented three times in 2009, 2011 & 2012.


    Although we sell everything for horse and rider our speciality is competition clothing. At any one time we have over 500 competition jackets (show coats and shadbellys) in stock, ready to be despatched immediately. We stock a great selection for men, women and children in a huge range of prices sizes and styles. And if we don't have what you want available for immediate despatch we let you know, keep you informed and don't charge you until your order is ready to be sent.


    Our staff are experts in their chosen fields. Not only can we advise you on finding your perfect competition jacket, we also have qualified helmet and body protector fitters in store. You'll also find qualified wormer advisers, a qualified saddler and three saddle fitters registered with the Society of Master Saddlers. But we don't rest on our laurels. All our staff undertake regular training sessions in their chosen specialisms to keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations.

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  • Expert Saddle Fitting

    At RB Equestrian we believe that a correctly fitting saddle for both you and your horse is not just desirable but essential. That’s why we are saddle fitters, not just saddle sellers, and if you buy a saddle from us, we will fit it, and then be happy to check it regularly and maintain it for you.

    Our Qualified Saddle Fitters are registered with the British Society of Master Saddlers meaning that they have passed the first independent saddle fitting examination in the World, must attend refresher courses every two years and are insured to do the work that they do.

    We take full records of you and your horse and will work hard to find the most suitable saddle for you both, not just recommend the best fitting saddle we have on the day.

    Book a saddle consultation with one of our saddle fitters and they will measure and template your horse, observe it both stationary and being worked in-hand and discuss with you your requirements before they even put a saddle on your horse’s back. We provide a full saddle fitting service at the shop in our full size arena or can come to you.

    Our Fitters


    Ted was a professional engineer when he swapped careers in 1994 to train as a saddler and qualified saddle fitter.

    He is a former member of the Executive Committee of the Society of Master Saddlers and is an assessor for the City and Guilds saddle fitting qualification run by the Society.


    Kirsty began her saddlery apprenticeship here at RB Equestrian in 2004. She was one of the youngest ever qualified saddlers in the UK, and was also the youngest person ever to gain Qualified Saddle Fitter status.

    She is the owner of Eddie, a coloured warmblood who she has had since the day he was born and she is, how shall we say this,..... a little vertically challenged. We love making appointments for her to see all the 17hh plus horses!


    Sam has a BSc Hons in Equine Studies and gained her Qualified Saddle Fitter qualification in 2011. She's a dab hand at changing girth straps and her very favourite job in the workshop is flocking which she does without a grumble or a moan!

    She is the owner of Corinthian, a beautiful welsh section D who she's done pretty much everything with. It's probably safe to say he's the love of her life!

    Frequently asked questions

    1. What do you charge?
      • new saddle fit. Free consultation & mileage charge of 50p per mile round trip if we come to you.
      • re-fitting a saddle fitted by us on the same horse. £30 for the first saddle (£15 for any additional saddles) plus a mileage charge of 50p per mile round trip if we come to you
      • checking a saddle OR horse that we haven't seen before. £60 plus a mileage charge of 50p per mile round trip if we come to you.

    2. How do I make an appointment?
      • Give us a call or come into the shop (01908 641307/365335). We will make sure you speak to one of our saddle fitters who will discuss your requirements in detail and help you consider your options before you even make an appointment.

    3. How long will a saddle fit/check take?
      • You should assume that any fit or check will take at least 1 hour. In some cases it may take significantly longer than this.

    4. What facilities do I need for you to fit or check a saddle?
      • We need a clean & dry horse in the first instance. It is helpful if you can make sure your horse is ready at the agreed appointment time.
      • Ideally you will have a flat, level area where our saddle fitter can see the horse being worked in hand.
      • An arena (or the sheer heaven that is an indoor school) make seeing a horse working in a saddle much easier. If you don't have access to either then a flat, level grassy area will normally be sufficient or you may want to consider bringing your horse to us.

    5. I don't know if I need a new saddle or just my existing one adjusting. How do I know you're not just going to persuade me to buy a new saddle in any event?
      • Because we know that the quickest way to lose customers is to make them unhappy. Our saddle fitters do not work on commission - so it makes no difference to them whether they sell a saddle or not - and they are professionals. Their job is to do the best for you, on the day, and if your existing saddle can be made to fit - they'll tell you.

    6. How long do I normally have to wait for an appointment?
      • This can vary massively but as a general rule we are booking Saturday appointments up to two months in advance. Frequently you can get a mid-week appointment within 7 days if you're flexible. If you think you'd like an appointment give us a call as soon as possible.

    7. I've had a saddle fitted by someone else and I'd like a second opinion. Can you help?
      • Maybe. If your saddle has been fitted or checked by another qualified saddle fitter in the last six months you should refer any issues you are having back to them. If you still need some help then be aware that we will need to obtain the original fitting sheets from that saddle fitter and probably speak to them about your horse before we see them.

    8. I really value my trainers/vets/back persons/friends advice and they think I've got a problem with my saddle - what shall I do?
      • We are happy to work alongside other equestrian professionals to ensure both you and your horse are able to perform as well as possible. Don't forget though that you're paying us to give you a professional opinion so if you'd like anyone else to be involved in the saddle fitting process we would strongly suggest that you arrange for them to be available at the time of your appointment so that we can get them involved at the earliest possible opportunity.

    9. How often should I have my saddle checked?
      • A newly fitted saddle should be checked within 12 weeks of fitting (or as per your saddle fitter's advice). After that, every 6 months or whenever there is a significant change to the shape of your horse. Check regularly with a weigh tape to monitor your horse's condition, and if there is a change of 5cm up or down you should have your saddle refitted.

    10. Can you repair my saddle?
      • We are proper saddlers and can repair and make all kinds of leatherwork (including saddles). Please give us a call or pop in and we can assess your item for repair.

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  • Riding Hat Standards–What is happening?

    Words by Daisy, The RB Equestrian Blog Dog on 17/12/2014 13:36:21


    You may have read or heard about changes to the riding hat standards. And it might make perfect sense – or it might be as clear as mud. Here's our guide to what's happening, and what it means practically for you.

    The facts:

    • The European Commission has announced that in the next edition of the ‘Official Journal of the European Union’ the European Equestrian Riding Helmet Standard (BS)EN1384 will be withdrawn.


    What does that actually mean?:

    • It means that when hats are manufactured they will no longer be able to be certified (i.e. get a CE mark) against this standard.


    But what does it actually mean for me the rider?:

    • What it doesn't mean is that hats which are currently certified with (BS)EN1384 are suddenly unsafe. All hats certified with (BS)EN1384 passed the relevant standard at the time they were manufactured.


    Does it mean I need to buy a new hat?:

    • At the moment no. The reasons we would give to buy a new hat would be the same as they've always been: if they've been dropped; if you've suffered a fall where your hat has received an impact; if you can't guarantee your hat has been kept correctly; if you've had your hat for a 'reasonable' amount of time (this is not an exhaustive list!).  But do bear in mind that if you are going to compete from 2016 onwards you may need to change your hat then.  Check your hat, check with your governing body – and then check again this time next year!


    But isn't my (BS)EN1384 hat illegal now?:

    • When it comes to the LAW the only legal requirement in England and Wales is that all people aged 14 or under must wear a hat certified to at least EN 1384 on a public highway. This hasn't changed as of today's date.

    • If you're talking about 'legal' for the discipline you're doing then you need to check with your governing body. Early indications from some of the major bodies e.g. British Dressage, British Showjumping, British Eventing, the British Horse Society and British Riding Clubs is that (BS)EN1384 will be permitted for use until the end of 2015. No doubt other organisations will update or clarify their rules in the near future.


    My hat says BSEN1384 and PAS:015 – I'm confused:

    • This means your hat has passed two standards. Provided the other standard (in this case PAS:015) is approved by your riding organisation then your hat can still be used under their rules.

    I never go to competitions. Do I need to change my hat?

    • As we've said above the reasons for changing your hat would be the same as they've always been.


    I was thinking about buying a new hat – should I buy one that only has the BS(EN)1384 standard?:

    • It's entirely up to you. The only thing we would say is – if you intend to compete in this hat after 2015 you may not be able to.


    Does it mean I'm only going to be able to compete in a much bulkier hat than the elegant one I use at the moment?:

    • Maybe – or maybe not. The relevant bodies are working to devise a new EU standard but there is no indication yet as to when this will be accepted by the European Commission. Until that time nobody knows which hats will or will not pass that standard.


    I've had my heart set on a super-sparkly, very fashionable hat that is pretty expensive. Surely the more expensive the hat the safer it is?

    • No, no and no. Cost is no indication of the level of testing a hat has undergone. Make sure your check the standard on every hat you consider buying if you want to compete in it after 2015.

    Is there more information available on the legislation?

    • Of course there is – it’s the EU! Follow this link to the British Equestrian Trade Association press release for more information http://www.beta-uk.org/pages/news-amp-events/news/european-riding-helmet-standard-withdrawn.php


    Dated: 17th December 2014




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