BHS Ride Out Week - 28 May to 5 June 2016

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  • Do you love riding off-road?
  • Do you have a favourite bridleway or track that you use regularly?
  • Do you find riding on the roads increasingly dangerous or challenging?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you NEED to get involved with the BHS Ride Out Week and do your bit to make sure as many off-road tracks as possible are kept open and accessible.

The Background:

In 2000, the Countryside and Rights of Way Act was introduced. Section 53 of the Act provides for a ‘cut-off date’ in 2026, which means that many historic routes of use to horse riders and carriage drivers will be extinguished if they are not formally recorded as a bridleway or byway.

This means it’s in all of our interests to make sure these routes are registered so they remain open for us to use now and in the future.

I’m sure all the routes I ride on are recorded – why is this important to me?

You’d be surprised.  Some areas of the country have very few recorded routes and it’s also worth bearing in mind that if you start doing some investigating you might find routes that should be open to you but aren’t.  Don’t assume paths and tracks you ride along are recorded – if they’re not you might lose them in the future.


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What should I do next?

If you want to get involved you can download the BHS’s toolkit from the BHS Ride Out Week page  By taking photos, marking maps and gathering information on access and routes you could make a real difference to riders and carriage drivers in our local area.

If that all seems a bit complicated then join us for Ride Out Week 2016 (28 May – 5 June 2016) and help us raise money for the BHS Paths for Communities Fund so they can help do more work in our area and keep these vital routes open.

What’s happening?

Bridleway Equestrian have joined up with the BHS and Hoof (British Equestrian Federation) to make this year’s Ride Out Week the best yet.  With only 10 years until these routes could be lost forever we are fund-raising for this really important initiative between now and 5 June 2016.

In store we have our very own local ‘Ride Out Route’ map.  Come in, pick one up and make a donation (however small) into our BHS collecting tin.

During Ride Out Week itself we have some exciting plans afoot – (did someone say treasure hunt??!!)  Make sure you’re following us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up-to-date with what’s going on and let’s have fun and raise some money for this great cause.

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