Meet Our RB Equestrian Chiltern & Thames Superstars

Words by Daisy, The RB Equestrian Blog Dog on 16/04/2015 19:05:00

At the end of March we launched a campaign to find three riders who were trying to qualify for the RB Equestrian CTR Showing & Showjumping Championships.  We were delighted with the response and making the final decision was so tough we had to pick four in the end!  A huge thank you to those who applied – we wish you all the best for the coming season.


We’re so excited to be able to announce our ‘Superstars’.  Make sure you visit our blog & Facebook regularly to follow their progress and the general trials and tribulations of the horse show season.


Congratulations to the lucky four!  In no particular order they are:


Lucie Maison

At only 3 1/2 (the half is very important at her age) Lucie was our youngest applicant.  Despite her age she’s already had a taste of the competitive lifestyle and in 2014 found that she was particularly successful in Concours Lead Rein classes with her palomino mini shetland, Fifi.  This year she’s got a new ride in the form of Felix the welsh section A so she’s aiming for a number of different qualifying classes for the Championships.  Having said that, she’s not convinced that it’s all about the showing.  Her main focus at the moment is having fun with her ponies (a great priority in our opinion!) and she’s discovered that mounted games and jumping might just be perfect for her in the future!


lucie maison


Kelly Gladstone

Given that Kelly is not 3 1/2 we don’t think we need to say how old she is but she is our choice for our Showjumping Superstar.  With her beautiful horse, Renaissance, she’s aiming for the Showjumping Championships but not before trying to qualify, at the Combined Services Competition at Addington in May, for Royal Windsor.  Probably like most of us she’s pretty keen to have the opportunity to ride her horse in front of the Queen!  She’s just joined the BSJA so is hoping to have a great season starting to have a go at affiliated competitions.

kelly anne2


Libby McStraw

Libby is 8 and is already enjoying a successful 2015 season having qualified for The Royal London Show with the beautiful Della.  This year they’ve got their eyes set on qualifying for Best Turned Out, First Ridden and Cradle Stakes but we suspect she’ll probably go for a few more classes too!  Libby doesn’t just love showing.  She’s a member of the Whaddon Chase branch of the Pony Club – one of our fabulous local branches - and will pretty much turn her hand to anything.  Given the amount of white bits Della has on her, Libby is fortunate she has a great support team.



Sarah Thornton

Sarah has had Smith’s Surprise (aka Prize) since she was born and has got her fingers crossed that this year will be the year it all comes together.  It hasn’t always been plain sailing – Sarah says of Prize: ‘as well as multiple injuries throughout her first 2 years, she also is a bit of a diva with a quite an attitude!!’.  And Sarah’s had her share of ups and downs over the last year too.  After an unfortunate run-in between her, her bike and a car which left her battered and bruised she then went and broke her knee-cap.  With Prize she’s aiming for Riding Horse and Lightweight Hunter classes but we wouldn’t be surprised that if she stays ‘sound’ she’ll be hoping to get in some jumping too.



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