Our Superstars–July update

Words by Daisy, The RB Equestrian Blog Dog on 06/07/2015 16:33:22

It’s been a busy few weeks for our amazing superstars as they’ve been getting out and about in the region.  We think they’re great ambassadors for equestrian sport and we’re so proud of what they’ve been achieving.  Here’s (a little bit of) what they’ve been up to:


Libby (and Della & Buster!)

image (1)image (2)

It’s been non-stop for Libby since the season started, not least because new addition Cottrell Colombus (Buster) seems to be every inch the superstar that Della is.  We’re delighted that Libby has managed to qualify both ponies for the Championships but it sounds like Team McStraw is going to have their work cut out co-ordinating their scheduled.  So far Libby has qualified Buster in the Show Hunter Pony, Best Turned Out & Nursery Stakes and Della in the Best Turned Out, First Ridden, Cradle Stakes & Show Hunter Pony! 

image (3)

And they’ve all been having some fun jumping too.  Buster came 6th in the 50cm at the OBH South Pony Club show while Della got to show-off her girly side at the very pink Canter for a Cure.  But there’s no let up over the next month or two.  Once school breaks up it’s all systems go with lots more shows and then the exhausting but amazing week that is Pony Club camp http://branches.pcuk.org/whaddon/

image (4)


Sarah & Prize

After their year of injury and set-back in 2014, Sarah and Prize have started the season at a sensible pace, testing the water to make sure that both of them can stay sound!  So far so good and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a qualification for the Championships.

This hasn’t stopped Prize being fully aware of her Superstar status.  At Emberton Show she decided that she didn’t fancy hanging out with the mere mortal horses and ponies.  So she hot-footed (hooved?) it across the show-ground to hang out with Libby’s Della!



Kelly & Elliot

I’m sure the most exciting thing that Kelly & Elliot have been up to during the last month was not a trip to RB Headquarters, but for us it was a real treat.  We all got to meet our show-jumping superstar when he was here for a saddle-fitting.  Needless to say he was a perfect gentleman from start to finish and didn’t even show-off about his trip to Windsor to see the Queen!

We’ve got high hopes that we’ll see him at Herts County Showground in September but apparently he’s taking to his new role as a dressage superstar like a duck to water so maybe it’ll be all about half-pass and piaffe from now on!  No doubt this talented fellow will make sure he gets to do a bit of both….


IMG_1988 kellyanneridingandrug


Lucie & Fifi (and Felix)

Libby isn’t the only one who’s got a new addition on the yard.  Lucie has now got Felix proving his worth alongside the incredible Fifi (who last month became the very first horse we’ve ever had actually inside the shop!)

At only their third show (at LBSDRC) they got a 1st, 2nd and 3rd along with Reserve Ridden Champions.


And they’ve also qualified for three classes at the Championships – along with Royal London, Equifest, Think Pink, Amateur Showing Society, BSPS Championships and the Showing Registered!!  Somehow we think Team Maison are going to be very busy this summer.

But Fifi hasn’t been missing out.  She obviously had her very exciting trip to RB where she had lots of photos taken and tried out her brand new rug, and she’s been doing some in-hand with Lucie’s mum Charlotte.

Despite a very credible 2nd and 6th places Lucie didn’t think her Mum was quite up to standard – as only a three year old could get away with, Lucie suggested that ‘Mummy you need to work harder and then you will win a trophy like me’….. Out of the mouth of babes!!!




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