Our Superstars–Q&A with Lucie

Words by Daisy, The RB Equestrian Blog Dog on 15/05/2015 14:58:09

At only 3 and a half Lucie is our youngest superstar but she still had some brilliant answers - quite frankly who wouldn’t want to ride as fast as Mike the Knight and ride a unicorn! 

And we certainly didn’t know that she was named after her Mum’s favourite horse, what a great story…..

Question: Can you remember how old you were when you first sat on a pony? Do you know what that pony’s name was?

Answer: Lucie was three months old when she first sat on a horse and it was my (Mum Charlotte's) horse of a lifetime Lucy - who Lucie is named after (but spelt differently!)

Question: If money, ability & time were no object what would be your ultimate equestrian goal?

Answer: To ride at HOYS (this is Mum's answer). Lucie said "ride as fast as mike the knight or Barbie and ride a unicorn"!


Question: Who’s your equestrian ‘hero’?

Answer: "Mummy"

Question: If you were entering a gymkhana race would you prefer a bending race or Chase me Charlie?

Answer: Bending - Fifi is really fast at this

Question: What’s your horse’s stable name, age & gender and is there anything else particularly interesting about your horse which you might want to tell us?

Answer: Fifi is a 13 year old palomino mare miniature Shetland. She's had two foals with her previous owner and Lucie has said that she would like to have one of Fifi's babies too - so watch this space. The latest addition on the yard is Felix an 8 year old welsh section A.

Question:What’s the naughtiest thing your horse has ever done?

Answer: Fifi has never done this at home, but for 6 months over last winter she was down in Dorset and she kept escaping to tour the farm. Kerry who looked after her had to walk for ages to get her back - once we found her up a hill grazing with the cows.


Question:Has your horse got any pet hates or silly quirks that you have to put up with?

Answer: Felix can pull his head collar and bridle off very quickly as he's got tiny ears! And he doesn't like being brought in from the field to bed and leaving the green grass behind. Fifi likes to push me over sometimes when I'm not giving her any fuss!

Question: Have you got any other pets?

Answer: A Ginger cat called Garfie, a tiny dog called Ophelia, lots of fish, and sheep Bonnie, Dotty, Norah, Snowy, Mary and Whitey

Question: What would be your top tip for preparing for a show?

Answer: "Mummy and Tash do that"

lucie rain

Question: Have you got any superstitions that you have to 'perform' on show day?

Answer: No!

Question: If you were throwing a party what would be your ideal theme?

Answer: Peter rabbit party (Lucie's already chosen this for her 4th birthday in June)

Question:What song would you listen to if you needed to get motivated before going into the ring?

Answer: There's no particular song but Lucie never stops singing - she's got a lovely voice!

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