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Body Protectors in 2018 - important news

   Words by RB Equestrian

   on 31/12/2017 08:19:46

As of 1st January 2018 body protectors labelled with the BETA 2000 standard will no longer be accepted by: The Pony Club, British Eventing and British Riding Clubs

What we say about this at RB Equestrian:
-    if your body protector is labelled 2000 then it is OLD!  Regardless of whether you are competing under rules or not we would strongly advise you replace it;
-    body protectors do have a lifespan and as a general rule we would recommend you replace yours at least every five years (or earlier if you: have had a bad fall in it; use it very regularly; or are not sure of its history or maintenance);
-    all the body protectors sold at RB Equestrian are labelled BETA 2009 and have been for many years.  If you are unsure what standard your body protector is then please bring it in and we can check it for you.

What about BETA 2009 body protectors?:
These are still valid if you are competing under rules but, if you’ve had yours for five years or it’s taken a bit of a battering, then our suggestions regarding replacement apply (see the paragraph above)!

Will there be a new standard sometime soon?
Yes – there will be a BETA 2018 standard.  It has not yet been finalised but is likely to be similar to the BETA 2009 standard. There will be a new coloured badge (it’s not going to be purple for level 3 anymore but as yet we don’t know what colour it’ll be!)

BETA 2009 body protectors are likely to be accepted by the major governing bodies for the foreseeable future (as has been the case with BETA 2000 body protectors) and at the moment BETA 2009 is the only current body protector standard.

I’ve had a fall – how do I know if my body protector needs replacing?
You should check your body protector immediately for dents. The foam should expand back to its original shape within 30 minutes; but if a dent is showing on examination, then it’s likely that this part of the garment has lost its impact absorption properties and should be replaced.

And if you’ve still got questions – pop in and have a chat with us!

Why not see our online collection of body protectors? Click here.

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