Prolite products – how do they work?

RB Equestrian Blog on 28/08/2017 15:04:16

Prolite – a brand that has been around on the equestrian market for quite some time, one that often gets overlooked – everyone has heard of it, but what does it actually do?

 Prolite at RB Equestrian

Prolite’s products have a ‘3-in-1 Protection System’ predominantly functioning as a cushioning layer which helps act as an injury preventative, enhancing comfort for you or your horse. With many clever products available, Prolite serve as a high quality, value for money alternative to many of the more expensive brands out there. For example, they have teamed up with FairFax to provide a considerably cheaper version of their patented girth – a girth scientifically proven to significantly enhance a horse’s freedom of movement. Made from prolite materials, it is very soft and very easy to clean.

So how does the 3-in-1 Protection System work? As quoted from Prolite’s web-site:

1.    Impact: Prolite absorbs impact from strikes and blows or rider movement.
2.    Pressure Point: Prolite disperses pressure points over a wider area.
3.    Movement: Prolite absorbs lateral movement, remaining still against the skin.

Prolite products at RB Equestrian

Still not convinced? In 2007 the Prolite relief saddle pad underwent pressure mapping testing using the SMS’s Pliance system and was shown to reduce the peak pressure on the horse's back by at least 25% on a well fitted saddle. This pad is packaged into a super thin protective layer, without altering saddle fit. Ideal for improving your horse's comfort and performance.

Prolite – simple to use, versatile, hard wearing and great value for money.

Prolite Horse Diagram