Supporting Ride High

RB Equestrian Blog on 21/07/2017 20:35:22

Whether it be after a long day in the office, a busy day at home or the need for a shoulder to laugh, or cry on, many horse owners know no better feeling than to spend time with their much-loved equine. A sense of responsibility and respect like no other, one of which some of us are lucky enough to learn from a young age, time with a horse can be one of the most relaxing and mind-calming places to be, whether in or out of the saddle.

Ride High

At RB Equestrian we are proud to support Ride High.

Ride High is a Milton Keynes based charity that helps disadvantaged children gain many of the skills regular horse riders may not even realise they have – trust, teamwork, consideration for others, a sense of community as well as a heap of health and educational benefits. Set up in 2008, Rachel Medill aimed to change children’s lives for the better by using horses. Her principles were simple:

  • Help those children who often have little to no help and who struggle with daily life resulting in a terribly sad child.

  • Provide a place to escape – a place of consistency, security, friendship and joy.

Children are given the opportunity not only to learn to ride a horse, but are also involved in classroom activities – by learning how to keep a horse, through costs of feeding a horse or by keeping a diary, they learn many literacy and numeracy skills. Children are also encouraged to feed back to the programme, how it has helped them and what they think could be better – teaching them about reflection, teamwork and communication. It is a chance for them to fulfil their full potential, to escape from their troubles and to make friends.

Ride High also provides a school programme which aims to help those that are struggling at school to get back on track with their education.

We are a donation centre - do you have clean second hand tack or rugs that you can donate to Ride High? If so, please bring your donations into store.

To find out more, please do visit their website