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Why we love Headcollars and Leadropes!

   Words by RB Equestrian

   on 31/01/2018 12:33:13

Headcollars and lead ropes – essential everyday items that can be used to add a little fun or colour to your routine.  And you’ve probably got more than one!

Maybe you’ve got a super smart set for shows or a headcollar that’s perfect when you’re clipping (undoable at the nose and under the chin would be our top-tip!).  Perhaps you treated yourself (and your horse of course) when you scored over 70% for the first time at a dressage competition or maybe you ‘had’ to buy that new one in teal (isn’t it gorgeous) even though last month you decided once and for all your colour would be burgundy…… And not forgetting that perfect one for turning out in during the spring when the grass is yummy and the field is massive!

That’s why, at RB Equestrian, we’ve got a huge selection of both headcollars and lead ropes, fulfilling function, price and of course Matchy Matchy requirements.Leadropes from RB Equestrian

And if you’re in the market for a new headcollar (or leadrope) here are some of the questions you might want to ask yourself before you make your choice (along with just how pretty is it too!)

Should I buy leather?
Maybe… lots of people like leather for ‘best’ and a leather headcollar does always look stylish (provided it’s clean!).  For a timeless, elegant look team it with a black or brown leadrope with a buckle in the same colour as the hardware on your headcollar (brass or nickel). Also consider using leather headcollars for safety.  Traditionalists wouldn’t use anything else, especially for travelling or turnout, as leather will always giveway under a certain amount of pressure.  Normally meaning your headcollar will break rather than your horse!

And not all leather headcollars are crazy expensive.  Obviously if you want the best then splash out on the beautiful Fairfax Rio headcollar. Priced at £180 this headcollar combines the innovative design from the Fairfax bridles with the gorgeous Prolite cushioning to create the ultimate in head collar design.  But we also stock the Bridleway leather headcollars that start at just £27.95 and look a whole lot more expensive!

I have to keep a headcollar on my horse in the field.  Can I use my normal headcollar?
Yes, if you’d like.  But, you might want to consider a headcollar that will release or break under stress, particularly if your horse is a bit of a Houdini or is left in the field without being checked for several hours at a time.  As mentioned above consider a leather headcollar or a specific safety headcollar like the Horseware Fieldsafe version or the Bridleway ‘Breakfree’.

I find tacking up and grooming a bit of a fiddle – why do other people not get in such a muddle?
Maybe they’ve got more buckles on their headcollars?  Can you undo yours at the nose (makes putting a bridle on so much easier) or under the chin (great for getting rid of the mud that always gets caught under the jawline!).  The gorgeous bright headcollars from KM Elite fit the bill perfectly. In store we’ve got many different brands to choose from including: Bridleway, Fairfax, Amigo, Shires, KM Elite and RB Equestrian own branded items.

We’ve got a great choice of leather headcollars and an utterly fabulous range of colourful head collars – and if the fit and price are right, who doesn’t enjoy being able to colour co-ordinate their headcollars & lead ropes with grooming bags, numnahs and feed bins & tools. At just £14.95 the Bridleway head collars come in two tone black with green, blue, pink or purple providing a super smart and fun item to hang by your stable. The leadrope collection is also extensive and starting from £4.50 there’s lots of acrylic or nylon ropes to suit any situation and preference.


Fairfax Rio Headcollar from RB Equestrian

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