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Wormers for Horses

Worming your horse can be a minefield – with so many options out there, are you worming with the right product?

Ivermectin horse wormers are used to treat redworm, roundworm and pinworm. This can be done with brands such as Eraquell or Bimectin.

Tapeworm can be treated with a combination wormer – this will also treat for redworm and round worm. Brands such as Equimax and Equest Pramox are suitable for this, as well as Strongid-P (you will need to double dose with this one though!)

Throughout the Winter months, Equest and Equest Pramox are the ones to do as they will treat encysted redworm that occur during this time. Panacur can also be used but needs to be the 5-day guard.

Doing worm counts throughout the year will help to make sure your dewormer has worked, and that you only worm when you need to.

Need some advice: please do get in touch either by email at [email protected] or call us on 01908 365335.

Don’t forget. All wormers must be prescribed by an SQP/RAMA or your vet. RB Equestrian has four SQP/RAMA qualified staff.

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