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A headcollar and leadrope is an essential for any horse owner, and luckily we have a pretty extensive collection to ensure there’s something to suit all tastes.

The first thing to note is what size your horse or pony is. We have headcollars from foal to extra full size, so there will be lots to suit you and your horse.

Leather, nylon and rope are popular materials that headcollars are made from, but there are more options on top. Many come with additional padding across the horse’s poll or around the nose, and this can be fleece or another cushioned material.

When it comes to leadropes, these are generally made using rope, but just like headcollars, the choice of colours is huge! Whether you pick a headcollar you want to last you for a long time, or you’re keen to follow the latest colour trends, or coordinate your horse’s headcollar and leadrope with new releases from companies like LeMieux, we have the headcollar and leadrope that’s perfect for you.

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