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Saddle Fitting

At RB Equestrian we believe that a correctly fitting saddle for both you and your horse is not just desirable but essential. That’s why we are saddle fitters, not just saddle sellers, and if you buy a saddle from us, we will fit it, and then be happy to check it regularly and maintain it for you.

Our Qualified Saddle Fitters are registered with the British Society of Master Saddlers meaning that they have spent a minimum of three years practical saddle fitting before passing the first independent saddle fitting examination in the World. They practise continuing professional development, must attend refresher courses every two years and are insured to do the work that they do.

We take full records of you and your horse and will work hard to find the most suitable saddle for you both, not just recommend the best fitting saddle we have on the day.

Book a saddle consultation with one of our saddle fitters and they will measure and template your horse, observe it both stationary and being worked in-hand and discuss with you your requirements before they even put a saddle on your horse’s back. We provide a full saddle fitting service at the shop in our full size arena or can come to you.

Fairfax Bridle Fitting

We also offer Fairfax bridle fitting and trial services. These bridles are fantastic but complex and so they have to be fitted to your horse to get a perfect fit. We have seen some great results from these bridles. Contact us today to find out more.

Our Team


Registered qualified saddle fitter and registered qualified saddler

Sam has a BSc Hons in Equine Studies, is an Animal Medicines Advisor (SQP) and gained her Qualified Saddle Fitter qualification in 2011. She has the highest City & Guilds qualification in bridlework and is a dab hand at changing girth straps. Sam holds the C&G certificate in saddle flocking which is one of her very favourite jobs in the workshop!

She is the owner of Corinthian, a beautiful welsh section D with whom she's done pretty much everything. It's probably safe to say he's the love of her life!


Consultant registered qualified saddle fitter

President — The Society of Master Saddlers (2019/2020)

Ted sits on the Executive Committee of the Society of Master Saddlers and is an assessor for the City and Guilds saddle fitting qualification run by the Society.

Ted has retired from active saddle fitting but still works alongside Sam on more complex cases.

Frequently asked questions

What do you charge?

Fitting fees will not be charged where a saddle (worth more than £800) is purchased on the day of the fitting appointment. Mileage charges are still applicable.

From 1 September 2022, our prices are:

Saddle fitting at our arena*

Checking or fitting the first saddle to a horse £50.00
(£30.00 if the horse has been seen by us before)
Checking an additional saddle on the same horse £20.00

Saddle fitting at your yard or home*

Checking or fitting the first saddle to a horse: £75.00
(£40.00 if the horse has been seen by us before)
Additional saddle on the same horse £20.00
Mileage charge for the round trip £1.00 per mile

*Please note a £30.00 pre-payment is required when a booking is made. This is refundable if at least 3 days notice of cancellation is given.

Any additional fees, mileage or chargeable adjustments will be payable on the day.

How do I make an appointment?

Please complete the Saddle/Bridle Fitting Enquiry Form and we shall get back to you. This will usually be within 2 working days. If you have any problems completing this form, please call us on 01908 365 335 and we shall be able to help you.

How long will a saddle fit/check take?

You should assume that any fit or check will take at least 1 hour. In some cases it may take significantly longer than this.

What facilities do I need for you to fit or check a saddle?

We need a clean & dry horse in the first instance. It is helpful if you can make sure your horse is ready at the agreed appointment time.

Ideally you will have a flat, level area where our saddle fitter can see the horse being worked in hand.

An arena (or the sheer heaven that is an indoor school) make seeing a horse working in a saddle much easier. If you don't have access to either then a flat, level grassy area will normally be sufficient or you may want to consider bringing your horse to us.

I don't know if I need a new saddle or just my existing one adjusting. How do I know you're not just going to persuade me to buy a new saddle in any event?

Because we know that the quickest way to lose customers is to make them unhappy. Our saddle fitters do not work on commission - so it makes no difference to them whether they sell a saddle or not - and they are professionals. Their job is to do the best for you, on the day, and if your existing saddle can be made to fit - they'll tell you.

How long do I normally have to wait for an appointment?

This can vary massively but as a general rule we are booking Saturday appointments up to two months in advance. Frequently you can get a mid-week appointment within 7 days if you're flexible. If you think you'd like an appointment give us a call as soon as possible.

I've had a saddle fitted by someone else and I'd like a second opinion. Can you help?

Maybe. If your saddle has been fitted or checked by another qualified saddle fitter in the last 6 months you should refer any issues you are having back to them. If you still need some help then be aware that we will need to obtain the original fitting sheets from that saddle fitter and probably speak to them about your horse before we see them.

I really value my trainers/vets/back persons/friends advice and they think I've got a problem with my saddle - what shall I do?

We are happy to work alongside other equestrian professionals to ensure both you and your horse are able to perform as well as possible. Don't forget though that you're paying us to give you a professional opinion so if you'd like anyone else to be involved in the saddle fitting process we would strongly suggest that you arrange for them to be available at the time of your appointment so that we can get them involved at the earliest possible opportunity.

How often should I have my saddle checked?

A newly fitted saddle should be checked within 12 weeks of fitting (or as per your saddle fitter's advice). After that, every 6 months or whenever there is a significant change to the shape of your horse. Check regularly with a weigh tape to monitor your horse's condition, and if there is a change of 5cm up or down you should have your saddle refitted.

Can you repair my saddle?

>We are proper saddlers and can repair and make all kinds of leatherwork (including saddles). Please give us a call or pop in and we can assess your item for repair.